This riversible is a beautiful piece of art from one side and the other one is very stylish and elegant pistachio green vest. Slim in the waste and with over cut shoulders for a very modern look.



The rainbow jacket contains the energy of unity. It helps and supports you to embody this energy and become an example of unity.

It also contains the energy of an earth and fire dragon that supports you in removing all obstacles that prevent you from coming into peace.


The soft green of the inside out layer supports you with new beginnings.

reversible Vest Rainbow Bridge

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    RATE 5-10 MEANS IT FITS WELL                                                          multi color

    50% cotton

    40% ramie

    Ramie: (Boehmeria niveau) is made of natural fibers and is an everlasting kind of the Nettle family very similar to linen.

    zipper in front

    Our sizes are:

    beautiful I ( size xs/s)

    beautiful II ( size m)

    beautiful II ( size l/xl)

    The jacket has a straight fit and medium loose sleeves. You can still wear a sweater or jumper underneath.