Production on demand: 2-4 Weeks

This beautiful crafted piece of art made with high quality cotton from liberty fabrics a tradtional weaving company from England.

The daisy artwork at the back is made from fabric waste from previous productions.


The Energy of the garment:

The energy of the gament puts you in touch with the playfulness of your inner child and helps you to relax in the moment. Think of a child outside enjoying the sun and making daisy chains. The daisy helps you to remove stress and drama from your energetic field and supports you in simplifying your life.

Blouse Daisy

  • #astrafit:1053452

    color rose pink and yellow

    80% cotton (main body)

    20% linen, ramie and cotton (art work)

    Ramie: (Boehmeria niveau) is made of natural fibers and is an everlasting kind of the Nettle family very similar to linen.

    5 buttons in white

    Our sizes are:

    beautiful I ( size xs/s)

    beautiful II ( size m)

    beautiful II ( size l/xl)

    The blouse has a straight fit and medium loose sleeves.